hubspotWe all seem to love videos, considering the growing demand for more authentic and personalised video content. That's why around 6 months ago Hubspot started to provide marketing, distribution and customer service departments with tools that allow them to quickly and easily create personalized videos that are almost reminiscent of Instagram stories. The new features range, for instance, from creating own videos to video hosting or embedding calls-to-action and forms in videos.

HubSpot Video helps growing businesses capitalize on this trend with a range of video creation and analysis tools. Teams can design content that resonates positively, thereby promoting a consistent brand image through the medium of video. For example, with the video tool, companies have all the information they need to make contact, which they can then incorporate directly into their videos for maximum relevance. Furthermore, using the tool can create videos in which the speaker caters directly and individually to the audience.

With HubSpot Video:

  • Marketers can now host and manage video files within the HubSpot platform for free and embed videos in web pages, blogs, and social media channels at the click of a mouse, as well as complete calls-to-action and forms within the videos for greater engagement. Video-based workflows and new ways to analyze video content performance further increase the success of video marketing campaigns.
  • Salespeople can build stronger relationships with their prospects by creating, sharing, and tracking personalized videos directly from HubSpot CRM. HubSpot Video also features a new video content analysis dashboard that enables sales reps to further optimize their videos, increasing the number of their business deals.
  • Service teams can help their customers faster and better by creating and delivering personalized help videos directly from the Service Hub. Employees can record videos directly from ticket processing and so on. For example, you can submit an image of your screen to customers, which improves the service and resolves issues in a timely manner. Service teams can also integrate these videos into their knowledge base.

The HubSpot Video offer comes at the right time, considering that the majority of consumers (86%) named authenticity as crucial for choosing a brand, according to studies. HubSpot Video is supported by Vidyard, which has been Hubspot's integration partner since 2016. Vidyard's powerful video technology provides the foundation for video hosting and playback, interactive and analytic capabilities, and the ability to capture and share personalized videos through Vidyard GoVideos. These new, platform-wide video capabilities are built on the long-standing partnership and integration of HubSpot and Vidyard.

By Daniela La Marca