CPaaSCPaaS is a cloud-based platform that enables companies to use program interfaces (APIs) to quickly and easily integrate extended real-time communication functions such as voice, video and messaging into their existing systems without having to build a separate backend. This enables companies to integrate new functions such as chatbots, service agents and contact centers into their business applications with minimal effort.

Ultimately, CPaaS acts as the machine in the background that offers various communication options with simple scaling. Instead of developing own applications, it’s a faster and cheaper alternative to integrate communication functions in business applications such as the CRM system or the web shop: voice, text, and video communication is possible in real time on every customer device without high administrative or development effort.

With omnichannel communication, completely new doors are opening for companies, as existing and future customers can be reached within seconds via their favorite channel. So, to no surprise, IDC predicts that the global Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) market will not only grow 39% but also reach sales of over $ 17 billion by 2023.

Nowadays customers simply expect a tailor-made experience: a chat directly on the website, an order confirmation via WhatsApp, a security code via SMS - all of which contribute to an optimal customer experience and turn customers into regular customers. The uses for CPaaS are endless - from delivery notifications to sales notices, reminders, and notifications – enabling businesses to reach, support and inform their customers more effectively than ever before.

By Daniela La Marca