Microsoft Corp. launched this month their latest version of Windows Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) in 40 languages and this has been the company’s most-downloaded browser beta of all time, with more than 36 million downloads around the world.

Based on a survey they conducted region-wide on Internet browsing habits in Asia Pacific, Microsoft highlights five key tips when using IE9.

Top five tips from IE9 survey findings:

  1. Keep your browser current: download IE9 at Your Internet browser is the first line of defence against online attacks. Research data from NSS Labs shows that IE9 blocks 99 percent of all socially generated malware attacks – much higher than any other browser.
  2. Browse on the fast lane: IE9 is designed to ensure that the browser starts fast and stays fast over time. Add-ons Advisor identifies programs that may be slowing down the browser and gives you the information you need to disable or fix it, directly from the Notification Bar itself.
  3. Stay safe: The ‘SmartScreen Filter’ in IE9 protects your computer better by warning you when you attempt to view sites or download files that are potentially unsafe. IE9 also introduces the new SmartScreen Download Reputation filter that uses a website’s reputation data to remove unnecessary warnings for well-known files, and show more severe warnings when the download is a higher risk of being malicious.
  4. Don’t leave an online trail behind: With the new Tracking Protection feature, IE9 provides you with an added level of control and choice about the information that you reveal about your online activities.
  5. Make your online browsing a breeze: IE9 comes packed with nifty shortcuts that take you to your online destination faster. For example, the Pinned Sites feature allows you to pin the websites you access most often directly to the taskbar on your desktop. You can now get there with just one click!

Source: Microsoft