4whatThe guiding principle of "Content is King" applies of course to image and video content as well, as the clever composition of story and design can create whole worlds for a brand and influence consumer decisively. Especially on social networks, moving pictures displace more and more static content and in the mobile sectors, videos can be transferred and played almost in real time by ever faster networks. Companies can use the format to create entirely new worlds of experience for customers that are binding them more strongly to the brands. Video content can, for instance, even offer a direct entry into a sales pitch or replace it almost completely.

We recommend you consider and pay attention to the following when producing and subsequently distributing your videos:

Integrating available means

Take advantage of the resources available to you and integrate both technical equipment and material that already exists. Thus, time and money can be saved and you conserve your resources. Also when it comes to content, you can use already existing resources regarding the subject and the actual production of the video. Tours of office and business premises, for example, are just as suitable as interviews or portraying of employees and leaders.

Delivering quality and added value

Many videos on the internet offer little added value to the viewer or are of inferior quality. And large portals like YouTube or MyVideo contain more moving image material than a person could watch in his/her entire life. To stand out from the crowd, you need to provide both high quality and a corresponding added value to your audience. If your audience can not see anything on the video because the lighting conditions are suboptimal or the camera just does not deliver the expected image quality, it will not reach its results with high probability. The situation is similar regarding content. Depending on the advertised product or service, you have to offer the users a unique and appropriate content, otherwise they will stop playing it quickly.

Use of social networks

Even the best video does not bring the desired success if there is no one who sees it. Against this background, you should familiarize yourself in advance with which target audience you want to get and how to gain access to them in a focussed manner.

A very frequently used means to achieve this now is the use of the social networks. Through the use of these platforms, even relatively unknown companies or organizations can get high click and audience rates. Other than at the point-of-sale, here you have detailed information about each member and can appeal to your target audience directly and in a personalized way.

Considering technical specifications

Not every device supports all video players or codec, therefore make sure to primarily use optimized content, since the video content must be able to run on as many devices to provide viewers the best user experience. Especially in the era of smartphones and tablets that fact is of particular importance.

Long load times or only poorly implemented functions can also provide a lot of frustration on the user side. Users that have to wait for your video for too long, will for sure leave your site quickly. Fast load times and an optimized representation, however, often leave the user lingering longer and this stimulates further interactions.

Creating attention with interaction

In general, videos don’t start on platforms automatically. The known "click-to-play" model offers some advantages and should not be underestimated. Through additional user action you raise awareness and encourage the user to deal with the following content. Furthermore, for example, certain plugins allow to show additional information parallel to the playback. This allows users to order the products shown or to deal with these in more detail without having to leave the video area.

Making use of activities and events

Large events and campaigns that get a lot of interest within your clientele, are perfect platforms to create attractive posts. Here you can produce a large number of content without creating high costs in terms of required space or staff. However, keep in mind to focus on specific target groups as well.

Always try to maintain a high level of professionalism – this way nothing stands in the way of your successful motion picture marketing.

By Daniela La Marca