6freebewareThere is no doubt that online spying and hacking are becoming a bigger problem each day. But especially Facebook accounts are threatened in a way users can not even imagine, as clicking on a simple link could lead to all the data getting stolen.

There are basically four types of tricks, according to reports of several technology sites, which users should be aware of: free gifts, suspicious videos, changing themes, and finally the offer to find out who viewed your profile.


  1. Offering free gifts is most probably the easiest way to seize member accounts. If you receive a free gift from someone, a click on the link could trigger that all your personal data gets transferred through the web, including phone numbers, bank accounts, email addresses, or any other information on your personal account.
  2. There are a few spywares deployed on "Facebook" in the form of scandal videos of artists and celebrities, or anything else that draws the attention of members and makes them click the link supplied with the video, which of course transfers personal data on the spot to others. Whenever you receive such a video on your Facebook account, search for it on Google or YouTube, and if it does not exist, you immediately know it is suspicious.
  3. As for changing themes, there are many viruses and spywares that are spread on Facebook in different forms to attract the users, such as changing the theme of the personal account or just the colors. Beware! It could be that you are the only one who can see the changes and you will get your data stolen.
  4. Finally, the fourth trick is the invitation to find out who visited your accounts. The truth is that this is impossible to achieve and nothing can provide such a service, as the management of Facebook has prevented all this. So every time you read about such tools, you should know that you are dealing with a malicious code that targets personal data.

By Mohamad El Hallak