BR shotflow partnership blog hero 1030x687High-quality visual product content is widely accepted as an increasingly critical element of an effective e-commerce merchandising strategy. Brands and retailers adapting to a “digital first” world must produce high-quality visual product content at scale to engage with their customers across many channels and platforms. The good news are, that Bright River, a global leader in end-to-end visual product content solutions for e-commerce, just announced its integration partnership with Capture Integration’s ShotFlow, offering more scalability to photo studios serving the e-commerce industry.

Bright River’s STREAM platform brings high-quality, scalable product image editing to e-commerce companies, allowing them to richly and accurately merchandise product offerings even at a high turnover rate. Likewise, the ShotFlow platform automates the production process for high volume photo production studios, including automatically tagging photo and video assets with rich metadata at the point of capture, creating “smarter assets.”

“The partnership is in line with Bright River’s vision for an open ecosystem for e-commerce, enabling our customers to choose from best-in-class technology platforms that best suit their needs,” said David Jonkers, CEO of Bright River. “We’re thrilled to provide an integration to ShotFlow, which we believe will continue to help brands overcome the workload challenges that producing more visual content in an increasingly faster turnaround involves at lower cost.”

The Bright River and ShotFlow application-based integration enables ShotFlow users to automatically send their images to Bright River directly from their studio management software and receive them back at their location of preference. In addition to file automation, critical production information including styling and retouching notes can now travel within the asset to inform the Bright River post-production team. This integration enables seamless workflow, greater scalability, reduction of errors and a consistently high-quality visual content output.

“Visual content production is crucial in e-commerce, and Bright River has always pioneered new ways to serve the leading retail, fashion and apparel brands,” said Eric Fulmer, VP of Operations and Strategic Growth at Capture Integration. “Their commitment to applying cutting-edge technology to visual content, and their dedication to automating and improving crucial content workflows, makes Bright River an ideal integration partner.”

Without doubt, visual content solutions support to create rich, engaging online shopping experiences that help convert customers from browsing to purchasing, and enable studios to streamline their visual content production for fast pace product turnover. With their end-to-end, scalable solutions, from visual product content analysis and optimization to post-production image editing and CGI creation, Bright River empowers brands and (r)etailers superbly to increase revenue through effective online merchandising. No wonder that the company is the visual content solutions provider of choice for many of the world’s leading e-commerce brands and retailers.

By MediaBUZZ