dataoscarThe digital marketing technology company, Amobee, just shared some interesting data related to the Oscars that detail the top celebrity and brand moments across digital platforms and even provides a comprehensive view on the Most Memorable Moments, Top 5 Brand Sentiments, the Top 5 brands with the highest share of voice and social mentions during the Academy Awards.

The data from Amobee Brand Intelligence provides is quite impressive analysis:

  • Two brands really stood out from the pack in terms of generating online buzz and brand consumption in real time during the ceremony at the Oscars, namely Lego and Dove, as well as the usual suspects Coca-Cola, Samsung and McDonald:
  1. Taking home the Most Awesome Brand award, Lego stood apart with the most brand mentions around the event, with 46,881 social mentions and 45% positive sentiment, thanks to the earned interest around the Tegan and Sara and The Lonely Island music performance. Between the huge production number and the Lego Oscars being handed out to the audience, the brand probably got around $7.5 million dollars of free advertising on the night.
  2. Meanwhile Dove earned the Most Loved Brand award, with 29,250 social mentions around the brand and their #speakbeautiful hashtag, with sentiment around the brand and hashtag an amazing 91% positive. The campaign, to encourage women to tweet more positively about their bodies, comes on the heels of the Always #LikeAGirl campaign that generated 403,000 real-time social mentions during the Super Bowl, and really shows the impact a relevant, feminist message can have for brands.
  3. Earning honourable mentions, Coca-Cola generated 12,600 social mentions and 28% positive sentiments during the Oscars, Samsung had 11,502 social mentions and 23% positive sentiment, and McDonald’s had 6,111 social mentions and 20% positive sentiment for the night.

Looking at the share of voice between the top 5 brands around the Oscars, 44% of the real-time discussion was around Lego, 28% of the discussion was around Dove, with 12% around Coca-Cola, 11% around Samsung, and 6% around McDonald’s.

  • Of course, there have been a lot of “Poignant Celebrity Moments” this year again: Focusing on the top moments around the Oscars, there were potentially some missed opportunities for brands to support central social themes and key moments, however:
  1. During her acceptance speech for Best Supporting Actress, Patricia Arquette championed the cause of gender equality, which really struck a nerve with many people. There were 168,930 social mentions around Patricia Arquette on the night with sentiment around her 48% positive. There were also 92,300 mentions circulated around gender equality, and 89,712 mentions for Meryl Streep focused on her support of gender equality, and her demonstrative cheerleading for Patricia’s message.
  2. Civil rights was another issue heavily touched upon during the evening. Common and John Legend combined for 137,441 social mentions with sentiment at 49% positive around the duo’s rousing performance, words around Selma and Civil Rights oriented acceptance speech.
  3. Suicide Prevention is another issue that got a surprisingly significant amount of discussion during acceptance speeches. “We should talk about suicide out loud” was the message of director Dana Perry after she won Best Documentary short for "Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1”. Screenwriter Graham Moore took her up on it later that evening, discussing his own suicide attempt at age 16 during his acceptance speech. All told, there were 36,800 social mentions around Suicide Prevention during the Oscars broadcast.
  4. Julianne Moore was another big winner on the night, generating 64,764 social mentions during the Oscars, with sentiment around her 53% Positive.  Using her speech to talk about the issue of Alzheimer’s which is at the center of ‘Still Alice’, there were 8,040 mentions around Alzheimer’s Awareness during the evening.
  5. Meanwhile, attempting to close the chapter on last year’s biggest flub, the John Travolta and Idina Menzel reunion combined for 63,700 real-time mentions during the night. There were 6,500 mentions around her alter-ego Adele Dazeem in the same time period.
  6. The biggest moment however was probably Lady Gaga taking on ‘The Sound of Music’. There was 577,143 social mentions of Lady Gaga during the Oscars with sentiment around her 38% positive. Julie Andrews also received 166,000 social mentions during the broadcast with sentiment 43% positive around her.

If you are interested, take a look at the infographic below on the top performing brands based on online buzz measured in real time.