assetAsset Vue, a provider of RFID-based asset management and data center management solutions, introduced two new solutions into its portfolio of data center IT Asset Management tools – Asset Vue Cloud and Asset Vue Mobile.

In addition, the company is offering both solutions together as Asset Vue Suite, which provides a comprehensive IT Asset Management solution that can be quickly implemented into any data center or server room facility.

"These new cloud and mobility options for our data center IT Asset Management solutions offer greater flexibility with a lower cap-ex model for data center managers and IT professionals," said John Consoli, Executive Vice President for Asset Vue. "Asset Vue Suite is an exciting way for data centers to get up to speed quickly with a comprehensive system", he concluded.

New IT Asset Management Solutions:

  • Asset Vue Cloud puts the power of IT Asset Management into the cloud and reduces hassles associated with purchasing and provisioning dedicated hardware for data center asset management. With Asset Vue Cloud data center, teams can be up and running in a matter of hours.
  • Asset Vue Mobile is a passive RFID IT Asset Management solution that works with iOS and Android smart tablets, making it even easier to conduct fast, easy and actionable IT asset audits. The new Asset Vue Mobile handheld device provides an enhanced user experience with an easy-to-use graphical interface all in a familiar form factor.
  • Asset Vue Suite is a comprehensive solution and cost-effective method for conducting datacenter audits. Asset Vue Suite combines Asset Vue Cloud with Asset Vue Mobile, including a passive RFID reader for iOS or Android smart tablet for tagging and tracking data center assets, along with IT Asset-optimized RFID tags.

To provide data center managers and other IT professionals with the ability to quickly deploy the new and extremely accurate data center IT asset management system, Asset Vue is offering a unique 30-day, no-obligation pilot program of Asset Vue Suite.

Watch the video to find out how the Asset Vue ITAM system can help save time and money during your data center audits:

By MediaBUZZ