BeLivePartnersNPIncNP Inc, a KOSDAQ Metaverse Contents solution provider, is joining hands with Singapore-based interactive video technology solutions leader, BeLive Technology to conceptualize an immersive shopping experience using extended reality technology.

The partnership will see both parties develop a virtual shopping environment that will allow brands to create more realism in their shoppable videos or live commerce environment. The technology allows brands to showcase products with more realism. This latest collaboration will continue solidifying BeLive's reputation as the leading provider of reliable, powerful, and engaging video commerce solutions.

BeLive Technology is a leading provider of customized live video streaming solutions, in Southeast Asia and beyond. Its live streaming product suites are built to be high-definition, secure, fast, adaptable to any network, and fully customizable. From live shopping technology that allows for instant checkouts to interactive live entertainment that brings virtual events closer to audiences, BeLive Technology employs advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to revolutionize the way people connect online and empowers businesses with valuable data insights such as live sentiment analysis.

Since 2016, BeLive Technology has been the trusted livestream partner for enterprises of all sizes, such as Trendyol, ZALORA, and Grab. Its interactive video commerce SaaS solution, LORA, exists for businesses to curate, moderate, and manage their video content and live streams directly on their website, allowing for more personalized online engagement, immersive virtual experience, and immediate interactivity.

Meanwhile, NP is one of the most representative Metaverse Contents Solution Companies based on XR Production Technology in South Korea. NP's “XR Meta Commerce Solution” is an innovative shopping solution with XR Technology to Live Commerce Production. It replaces physical sets with virtual ones, and real-time rendering allows more interactive and intuitive product explanations which can provide advanced shopping experience.

"Market share of Southeast Asian E-commerce is 61.4% of the entire global e-commerce market and it is still growing fast. I'm very glad that we can present our 'XR Meta Commerce Solution' to this important market. With BeLive Technology, we will collaborate to open up a new era for better, advanced shopping experience for everyone,” Song, Bang Ho, CEO of NP, said. (Source: BeLive Technology Pte Ltd)

By MediaBUZZ