Brand Finance Plc. released their fifth annual “Top 100 Singapore Brands” league table showing strong growth from the country’s top brands.

The Top 10 Singapore Brands have been valued at US$18.01 billion in 2011, storming ahead of the remaining 90 brands featured in the leagues that have a total combined value of US$35.042 billion.

Two brands not previously featured in the Brand Finance Top 100 Singapore Brands entered the leagues in the top 10. Astra International achieved fourth position and Flextronics squeezed into the top 10 at number eight. Despite competition from growing brands, the top three brands from 2010 held steady retaining their coveted positions.

Singapore Airlines continues to fly high taking the top place for the fourth consecutive year, despite a moderate brand value increase of just 3% (US$3.75 billion). This compares to an overall average brand value growth of 26.1% amongst the top 10 brands. Singapore Airlines has a comfortable lead of US$656 million over the number two ranked brand Wilmar International.

The top three risers by brand value growth amongst the top 10 brands were Great Eastern (83%), UOB (37%) and DBS (34%). This is in line with the general trend around the world of financial brands rebounding after the 2008 crisis. These three brands, however, have achieved a more marked recovery than their western peers because of their proximity to major rapidly developing economies.

DBS Bank remained at the number three position increasing its brand value to US$2.10 billion, a brand value growth of 34% over 2010. It is building its brand presence in the three key markets of Southeast Asia, South Asia and Greater China as it seeks to diversify its revenues away from its home market, through a major regional brand campaign. SingTel also kept their number five position with a 25% increase in brand value at US$1.35 billion.

Overall, the three new brands in the top 10 had a combined brand value of US$4.09 billion.

The top 10 brands added an impressive 30.17% to the combined brand value, with Wilmar International contributing the most as the brand value gained US$600 million.

Similar to other Asian markets, there was also a sharp contrast in the contribution of the top 10 compared to the next 10 brands (51.4% vs. 19.57%). This clearly indicates the large growth potential available to a majority of the top 50 Singaporean brands. It also indicates the dominance of the top 10 and the benefits of robust brand management at the top. (Source: Brand Finance)

By Daniela La Marca