Experian released an international report on the use of social networks and Asia Pacific respondents reported that they spent the most time on Facebook (by more than 40%) when compared with users in the UK, US, France and Brazil.Singaporeans, in fact, were global leaders for the longest time spent on Facebook.

Graeme Beardsell, Chief Customer Development & Marketing Officer for Experian Asia Pacific commented: “Understanding how long people spend on Facebook in different countries is vital for any brand on social networks.” By knowing the average time spent on Facebook by a social network user in Singapore, brands should be able to increase their potential in capturing an individual's attention by rolling out digital marketing campaigns through social media.

For brands in Singapore and around Asia Pacific looking to capture consumer attention by running digital marketing campaigns through Facebook, knowledge of behavior is critical to developing targeted campaigns that will resonate with local audiences, Experian states. It is only with intelligent actionable customer information that brands can market forward while ensuring continued loyalty from customers, the company advises. (Source: Experian)