Akamai, the leading provider of cloud optimisation services, has released its Q2 State of the Internet (SOTI) report for 2011.

Based on data gathered from the Akamai Internet Platform, the report provides insight into key global 一nternet statistics such as the world’s fastest and slowest regions for connection speed, the most frequent origins of attack traffic, and the highest-performing geographies for mobile connectivity, as well as resulting trends over time.

Some of the key statistics from Asia Pacific in the SOTI report are:

Cities in Asia dominated top 100 list in Q2 '11, holding 71 spots on the list. Countries/regions included Hong Kong, Australia (Canberra), 10 cities in South Korea and 59 in Japan.

Connection speeds

  • For highest average connection speeds, quarterly growth of 10% or more was seen in five or more Asia Pacific countries/regions (Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and China)
  • South Korea held highest average connection speed at 13.8 Mbps
  • Hong Kong had highest average peak connection speed at 44.4 Mbps, and is now top of the high broadband connectivity list, with a 59% adoption rate
  • Japan (8.7%) saw the highest quarter-on-quarter change in increase of unique IPv4 addresses as compared to its other Asia Pacific counterparts in the top 10 list including China (3.9%) and South Korea (3.5%)
  • Malaysia experienced very high year-on-year growth in high broadband rates - 391%
  • China (19%) and India (36%) posted solid gains for average peak connection speeds, indicating an improvement in quality of high-speed internet connectivity within the countries
  • Largest yearly increase in average peak connection speeds in Malaysia (72%) followed by Singapore (62%)

Attack Traffic

  • Distribution of attack traffic similar to Q1 '11, with 47% of total attack traffic coming from the Asia Pacific/Oceania region
  • Taiwan was the top attack traffic source, accounting for 10% of observed attack traffic in total, followed by Myanmar, whose attacks on the whole lasted for longer periods of time
  • Taiwan and China join Brazil and Romania when it comes to responsibility for higher percentages of attack traffic as compared to the prior quarter
  • Indonesia is a newcomer to the top 10 attack traffic list, generating 7.4% of attack traffic in Q2 '11
  • Attacks on Microsoft SQL Servers were highly concentrated, with almost 70% of attacks coming from China
  • Malaysia was fifth on the list of top originating countries for mobile attack traffic, generating 3.6% of Q2 '11 traffic

You can download the full SOTI report here or access the archive of past reports by visiting www.akamai.com/stateoftheinternet