Effective Measure, a provider of digital media planning solutions in emerging markets, released data reporting Apple's significant market share in Southeast Asia (SEA) during the month ending October 2011.

Apple SEA Market Share

The data showed that Apple mobile devices including iPad, iPhone and iPod touch are used by 11.8 million internet users, attributing to 53.1% of the e-mobile population in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

Apple has the greatest market share in Thailand and Singapore, used by over 70% of the local e-mobile population. Apart from Singapore, where iPhone emerged as the most used Apple device with 37.51% share, iPad has the highest usage compared to other mobile devices:

SEA Countries Apple Share (%) of e-Mobile Users per Country Top Apple Device and (%) Share of e-Mobile Population per Country
Thailand 79.6% iPad - 47.9%
Singapore 75.8% iPhone - 37.5%
Philippines 69.2% iPad - 43.7%
Malaysia 57.1% iPad - 34.6%
Vietnam 33.7% iPad - 17.1%
Indonesia 10.06% iPad - 10.0%

Top Manufacturers of Mobile Devices

14.6 million e-mobile users, accounting for 65.7% of the SEA e-mobile population, used mobile devices manufactured by Apple, RIM, Nokia and Samsung.

Blackberry ranked third with 6.9% share, while Samsung rounded off the list with a collective 2.6% share.

Rank Manufacturer Type of Mobile Device Device Share (%) of e-Mobile Users
1 Apple iPad 32.0%
2 Apple iPhone 19.1%
3 RIM BlackBerry 6.9%
4 Apple iPod touch 1.9%
5 Nokia Smartphone 2.8%
6 Samsung Galaxy Tablet 1.4%
7 Samsung Galaxy Smartphone 1.2%

(Source: Effective Measure)