Acronym Asia is the regional arm of Acronym Media, a leading global search and keyword-driven marketing agency.

Based in Singapore, the company is committed to work with international clients throughout the entire Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) region.  Noted for its distinct approach to enterprise-wide keyword optimization, local teams and in-depth knowledge of the Asian marketplace, specifically its linguistic, cultural and technical challenges, Acronym Asia has helped numerous clients running localized and multinational campaigns, including SAP, HP, and Johnson & Johnson among others.

The company’s name Acronym derives from the Greek words “akros” (highest) and “onoma” (name/word), which actually describes their core business, namely “Keyword-Driven Marketing”, which calls for the highest importance to be given to words that form the language customers use and understand.

According to Anton E. Konikoff, Acronym’s CEO, their passion for search marketing and their belief in the power of keywords inspired them to develop their distinct approach. He believes that when it comes to marketing online, a keyword is truly the best proxy for a customer need, since most of web activity is indeed word or text driven.  Based on their wealth of keyword intelligence and insights marketers can efficiently optimize cross-media campaigns using proven scientific methods grounded in psychology and linguistics.

Acronym’s unique Keyword-Driven Marketing™ methodology places highest importance on the language and keywords customers use and understand in order to help clients discern user intent and build effective marketing programs. The keyword-driven approach gives marketers a roadmap to decode the intent behind keywords and create powerful marketing messages that will resonate with customers. Guided by keyword intelligence, Acronym’s experts drive cross-media optimization and craft enterprise-level SEO, paid search, contextual and other digital marketing programs.

Analytics serve to give actionable insights

With its sister company, ROI Labs, Acronym Media helps their clients to choose the right technology as analytics enables them to find the story behind sheets of data. ROI Labs assists through the whole process of tool selection, setting KPI’s, implementation and then interpretation of the data.
Acronym is relatively tool agnostic and does not really believe in a one-size fits all type solution. Instead the company prefers to look into clients’ needs and objectives before recommending a tool that would be most appropriate. Free tools are often recommended by them first, before advising clients to use a tracking tool, like Google Analytics, and only then are paid tools such as Omniture, Webtrends, etc. taken into consideration.

The integration of an ad-serving tool into the web analytics tool used for site tracking can generate invaluable data. Especially with the increasing use of video evaluation for video metrics that can help determine user engagement levels and even creative wear-out.

The proprietary tool Enterprise Keyword Optimization System™, called EKOS™, is a scalable dashboard reporting platform developed by Acronym that simplifies and streamlines the wealth of data produced by online marketing efforts. EKOS provides actionable search and online marketing insights by integrating comprehensive web analytics data – including conversion funnels, bounce rates and visitor profiles – with each client’s organizational structure and business goals.

“Acronym can now firmly stake its claim to being a proven search leader in Asia with the capabilities to handle a market as unique and complex as China,” said Janice Tan, General Manager, Acronym Asia, as her fellow Acronym Asia Strategist Li Zhao has become the first Baidu-certified Search Marketing Specialist outside of China. “This certification is invaluable as we expand our global footprint and it will allow us to combine our domestic Chinese knowledge with global best practice for optimal results”, Janice added. Earned through rigorous examination and training, the certification recognizes selected marketers who are qualified to implement, execute and manage search campaigns and accounts in Baidu, the world’s leading Chinese language Internet search provider. As Baidu is an integral part of any digital marketing campaign in China, Acronym is excited to leverage its growing expertise to provide keyword-driven marketing solutions that improve customer response and ROI for clients throughout Asia.


By Daniela La Marca