The marketing industry is facing new challenges, as social media, blogs and Twitter are changing the media landscape.

As people are spending more and more time online searching for information, or maintaining social contacts, both their information and communication behaviours have fundamentally changed. This new culture of communication will push corporate communications towards more openness and transparency, forcing them into direct dialogue with their end customers. Instead of striking advertising, honest and matter-of-fact information is required. The new Web 2.0 media provide new opportunities for news presentations and dissemination.

The Social Media News

The Web has spawned many new media for direct communication with target groups. With a publication across many different communication channels on the Internet, businesses can increase the reach of their marketing message multiple times and improve their visibility in search engines.

The new Web 2.0 media provide a new way of presenting and distributing news. Compared to a traditional press release, the so-called Social Media News or Press Release 2.0 reaches not just media contacts, but also potential customers directly on the Internet. Online PR is thus an important marketing tool to attract new clients as it is freely available for everybody.

Content of Social Media News

In order to utilize the potential of online press releases for the acquisition of new customers, it is important to focus on content and structural realignment. Mature media users expect honest, direct and customized information that answers their questions and solves their problems. Social Media News should therefore contain valuable information and individual added value for readers that appeals not only to journalists and editors, but above all, potential customers and prospects.

Search engine optimization of Social Media News

It is crucial that the information is found by potential readers, so do make sure that you use the correct search terms. Search engines index web content by using keywords to present them as search results. It is important to be geared to the terms of the search habits of potential readers, as only what they search for is important. Keep in mind that people are usually looking for more generic terms of daily speech, instead of complex technical terms. A customer would most likely look for "fashion" instead of "clothing" or “magazine” instead of “periodical”. The best search engine optimization is only useful if the content of the text also offers a significant added value to the reader. Therefore, keywords should only be used in meaningful contexts and thematically relevant text. An excessive use of keywords in meaningless texts is counterproductive and falls flat by human and machine searches.

Structure of Social Media News

As in a traditional press release, a descriptive title and possibly a subtitle is needed in social media news - that is where important keywords should be placed, as online readers often only quickly scan text.

A suitable media design would include a clear structure and layout of the main facts with short paragraphs and subheadings or even random lists. In the contact information, companies can embed links to their site which can inform visitors of their activity profile. Placements of deep links, which connect to a special landing page, lead readers to further information or directly to the point of sale. In addition, images, graphics, audio or video material can be added to the press release.

Channels for online press release distribution: press portals, Twitter, Facebook and Co.

First of all, social media news should be placed in the press center and the social media newsroom respectively of the company's website. Social media news can also be linked to further information, multimedia elements, as well as social media links and related bookmarks.

In order to increase the reach of Social Media News, spreading PR text via press portals is the best solution. Press portals are particularly attractive for search engines, as they include high-quality content and the latest data which is constantly scanned by search engine robots from Google and Co. Therefore, publishing on press portals should increase the chance of a good ranking of the information.

More channels for communications and the linking of press releases are social networks like Facebook, micro blogging services like Twitter and social news portals, like Mister Wong. Any publication with contact data or a link to further information generates back links to your own Website influencing your search engine ranking positively. So, it is definitely worthwhile to place press releases on as many websites and portals as possible.


By Daniela La Marca