B2B marketers face two key challenges: reaching key decision-makers and demonstrating marketing results.

Unfortunately, outdated marketing tactics, immature lead management processes, and metrics focused on pipeline inputs - not sales results - keep B2B marketers from rising above these tactical issues. If business marketers embrace interactive tactics and use technology selectively to integrate online communications into their marketing mix and align it with sales, they can move from being basic sales-centred supporters to customer-centric strategists as they evolve customers from buyers to advocates.

B2B companies plan the amount and the share of their marketing budget very carefully - not only in economically difficult times. They always face the challenge of investing their budget well while achieving a high return on marketing investment (ROMI).

The ultimate goal of marketing managers, in addition to getting customers’ loyalty, is to increase brand awareness and generate new leads. That is why online marketing tools are in great demand as their success is directly measurable and their efficiency can be quickly optimized. Measurable and controllable response-oriented activities in direct and online marketing will most probably remain the major topic of interest in future.

B2B marketing plans are always laid out in the medium to long-term as the sales cycle can often last several months if not years. New and existing customers, both often search for manufacturers, suppliers and service providers long before their actual purchase decision.

For B2B companies, it is particularly important to be present on the Internet, especially in the first phase of a customer’s purchase process. Depending on the company, industry and goal, business directories, online portals and search engines are the key information outlets that customers search. Information retrieval on the Internet and in search engines should be improved so the brand can be better remembered and recognised by decision makers, buyers and users.

Each business year brings sales and marketing challenges with the familiar goal to reach the top with efficient and sustainable measures. Only those who face the exciting challenges with courage, efficiency and perseverance will master their way from the bottom to the pinnacle of success.

Asian e-Marketing has energetically focused our attention and resources over these past few years on delivering success in targeting and marketing efficiency - we look forward to inviting you soon to become part of our new venture offering a turnkey solution for online marketing.

By Daniela La Marca