Completely focused on digital marketing, Tactica Labs provides a total solution for marketers, covering the analytics of consumers’ behavior, to actual online marketing, data audits and evaluation of digital marketing and loyalty campaigns.

One of the things that make Tactica Labs stand out is its passion for digital marketing. Founded in 2006 in Singapore by a team of dedicated computer science and analytics professionals, the company is driven by their vision and mission to make loyalty management and digital marketing more accessible to the marketing practitioner.

Elaborating on this, Donny Soh, one of the company’ co-founders’ says, “At Tactica Labs, we are united in our vision in bringing the power of analytics to a brand-new level. We help our clients unlock the wealth of insights in their data to build better and more measurable marketing campaigns, adding value to our clients’ marketing goals through better customer targeting and acquisition, customer value, segmentation, cross-selling as well as up-selling and customer retention strategies.”

Today, the company serves clients ranging from SMEs, media agencies and various Fortune 500 companies. Tactica Labs’ clientele includes companies like ExxonMobile, Clarins, eCop, Universal Mccann, Ogilvy and Proximiy BBDO.

Riding the wave of new media like mobile marketing and social networking, the company’s latest product allows users to reach out to new clients both on their mobile phones as well as their profile pages on their social networking sites. The solution allows anyone to send SMSes to anywhere in the world for free.

All they need to do is add the application to their profile page which is a common thing nowadays, after which they can send SMSes for free from their own profile pages. “Your advertisement will serve as a “tag along” When someone sends a free SMS to his friend, your advertisement will tag along his message. This same advertisement will also appear on the users’ profile page,” elaborates Soh.

This application was launched both in Friendster and Facebook. According to Soh, it is very well  received in Friendster and users from Asia make up more than 50% of their current users.

Having been in the SMS business for the last 5 years, the company realized that there were some needs/requirements of users that were not being met, specifically:

  • numbers for customer acquisition
  • Segmented numbers by country, age, gender and interests
  • Penetration into social networks

“Using our new product will thus solve all three of these issues because you will be able to reach new numbers as they send new SMS, these demographics are directly provided by social networks our application sits on and finally, our application sits on social networks, thereby giving our customers this additional medium of advertisement,” Soh explains.

He shares that a major challenge for Tactica Labs at first when it came to this product was to convince the advertisers. “Most of our advertisers are shocked in the beginning when we informed them that they can only advertise 45 characters as an advertising message.

Yet actually, that amount is the correct attention span a typical consumer has on his phone. Let’s face it. When was the last time you received an advertising SMS message and read past its second sentence? Hence, 45 characters are all you have to capture the customer before you lose them.”

Of course the benefits speak for themselves too. One of the key benefits that is that Tactica Labs can help advertisers link their URL into the SMS message. “Hence after reading the advertising text, if the users are interested, they can click into the web link and find out more,” he adds.

Other advantages include:

  • The service matches the price of CPM of 25-45 cents of typical SMS marketing
  • Tactica Labs provides new numbers and customers for advertisers to send to!

In addition, each advertising message that is sent ends up in the users’ profile page. “This means that the sender as well as the recipient will read your advertising message. Therefore, for each advertising dollar you spend, you will reach twice the number of people,” states Soh.

By Shanti Anne Morais