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Mobile Marketing & Advertising


How ‘new tech’ is changing pg 5 Data is and remains the pg 6 Mobile fraud growing pg 8

programmatic advertising new currency in mobile rapidly

Marketers are faced with pg 10 Being creative – why good pg 12 Is the time ripe for pg 13

Hobson's choice and have ideas aren’t good enough! Snapchat or is it just a
to leverage mobile to meet short-term marketing
consumers' seasonal needs phenomenon?

Smartphones ready to pg 14 Do morals matter in the pg 15 Mobile point-of-sales pg 17

become top device for digital age? terminals are on the rise
mobile shopping

GfK reveals global study on pg 18

the "always reachable"


What app push notifications pg 20 Compelling arguments to pg 22 Since the BYOD trend is pg 23
can accomplish and go for responsive design unstoppable, make sure its
marketers have to consider safe and manageable

App push notifications are pg 25 Tips for better findability in pg 27 Farewell paper ticket, hello pg 29
no rocket science an ever growing app store mobile couponing


Has Whatsapp what it takes pg 30 Smaato enhanced its SPX pg 32 Adblocking goes mobile in pg 34

to become a high-flying publisher platform high-speed
marketing channel?

KEYMILE's state-of-the-art pg 36 Emarsys' suite of mobile pg 38 TOPs Balance aims to pg 39

'quantum encryption' a solutions helps you transform mobile device
trailblazer for safeguarding targeting the lush dependence and to drive
mission-critical mCommerce market in Asia incremental learning
communications of the Pacific

Indonesian smartphone pg 41 Apsalar gives advertisers pg 42 Rainmaker Lab launched pg 43

users can get up to twice as critical insights with first iOS Innovative platform for rapid
much from their mobile data Uninstall Attribution deployment of enterprise
plan mobile application solutions

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