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Without any doubt, smartphones provide marketing with a variety of new opportunities,
especially the targeted approach to reach customers at the right time with the best offer.
Always handy, the small gadget is an essential tool to spread mobile marketing messages by
using location-based services (LBS) and encourages an array of cross-media customer
Undeniably, mobile devices have become an integral part of our daily life and digital lifestyle.

However, just like new features and technologies evolve constantly, so does mobile marketing.
That’s why even professionals like you need some fresh ideas from time to time - be it when
fiddling about content or looking for the best clickbaits, trying to improve the conversion rate or
planning to wow with innovative mobile marketing campaigns.

That’s where Asian eMarketing comes into play, trying to help you stay informed on what's
going on in the digital marketing industry and hoping to give you a boost in productivity, ef-
fectiveness and creativity. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this month's issue on Mobile Marketing.

Best regards,

Daniela La Marca
Editor-in-Chief, Asian eMarketing

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