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             Digital voice assistants set a trend in

             the SEO market of the future

            In  the  age  of  digitization,  the  consumption  of  content  The  behavioral  change  of  users  in  terms  of  search
            across  different  channels  often  changes  quickly.  queries  has  certainly  an  impact  on  companies'  SEO
            Anyway,  the  search  for  content  itself  has  remained  strategies,  since  people  speak  differently  than  they
            relatively  constant,  since  search  engines  are  dominant  write. Therefore, the SEO laws will most likely change.
            for many years - with Google taking the lead and being
            far  ahead  of  all  competitors.  At  least,  we  see  as  well  Although  Google,  as  the  current  leader  in  the  field  of
            more and more digital assistants with speech recognition  search  engines,  already  alters  its  algorithm  regularly,
            entering  the  market,  like  Apple  Siri,  Samsung  Viv,  fundamental  changes  (such  as  Panda,  Penguin  and
            Amazon  Echo,  Microsoft  Cortana,  Facebook  M,  Hummingbird)  do  not  occur  that  often.  The  growing
            SoundHound Hound and Google's own product Google  importance  of  voice  search,  however,  could  change
            Home.                                                that,  SEO  experts  say,  forecasting  two  fundamental
                                                                 factors  that  will  become  increasingly  important  in  the
            ‘Voice Assistants’ are available as separate devices with
            and  without  display,  as  well  as  integrated  into   future:
            smartphones,  home  appliances  or  televisions.  Hence,    Long  tail  keywords:  The  algorithm  behind  a
            digital  assistants  are  no  longer  negligible  in  search   search engine will increasingly capture and answer
            engine  optimization  (SEO),  since  voice  search  is   questions  in  the  future.  Therefore,  it  is  assumed
            becoming  standard  operating  procedure  for  many     that  keywords  are  losing  significance,  whereas
            customers.                                              complete sentence structures that provide relevant
                                                                    answers  to  questions  will  gain  in  importance.
            No  wonder  then  that  many  tech  giants  want  to  get   Contents  should  be  oriented  close  to  the  spoken
            involved  to  secure  decisive  competitive  advantages  at   word of the respective target group.
            an early stage. The fact is that, in case digital language
            assistants  prevail,  Google  is  unlikely  to  be  the  only    Micro-moments:  Google  defined  so-called  micro-
            strong  player  in  the  future  SEO  market.  Instead,  the   moments  ("want-to-know",  "want-to-go",  "want-to-
            industry  leader  will  have  to  fight  for  the  first  time  with   do"  and  "want  to  buy"),  which  are  essential
            increased  competition  in  its  own  core  competency  and   regarding purchasing decisions. In so-called micro-
            search  queries  are  expected  to  gradually  shift  from   moments there is an extremely high lead potential
            multiple providers to different channels.               and  companies  should  strive  to  target  potential
                                                                    customers  in  these  situations.  If  people  have  a
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