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             UX and SEO make an unbeatable team

            The  days  when  websites  were  optimized  for  search   expectations  and  behavior  of  the  user.  Just  as,
            engines only and flooded with keywords are long gone.   previous knowledge and personal characteristics of the
            The focus is now on the  user and  his  individual  needs   respective user play a major role.
            and  experiences,  but  the  need  for  a  target  group-
            oriented  approach  is  still  challenging  for  many   In  addition,  the  user's  personal  objectives  play  an
            marketers.                                           important  role:  if  these  are  achieved  satisfactorily
                                                                 without  much  effort  on  the  part  of  the  user,  this  is  a
            In  practice,  the  combination  of  SEO  measures  with   rewarding experience that is often described as "joy of
            areas of user experience (UX) proves to be a promising   use". This term describes the added value in the form
            merger  for  long-lasting  success.  A  positive  experience   of  fun  and  entertainment  when  using  a  website  or
            with  websites,  products  and  services  not  only   application.  The  more  distinctive  the  joy  of  use,  the
            strengthens  customer  relations  and  trust,  but  also   more likely it is that the user experience turns out to be
            promises  sustainable  economic  success.    That’s  why   significantly positive. Thus, the focus of UX is not only
            you should start optimizing your own website for specific   on  the  context  of  user  interaction,  but  also  on  the
            factors  to  guarantee  a  flawless  and  possibly  emotional   content and the aesthetics of the website.
            experience for the user.
                                                                 It  is  obvious  that  the  user  experience  is  a  highly
            User experience (UX)                                 subjective  construct  composed  of  various  individual
                                                                 factors.  It's  a  dynamic  process  that  can  change  with
            The  user  experience  is  one  of  the  key  success  factors   every click, making  it challenging for online marketing
            for digital concepts, since it determines if and how long a   and  in  particular  for  search  engine  optimization.
            customer  lingers  on  a  webpage  or  rather  leaves  it   Addressing the individual needs of each customer is an
            immediately. The perception of the user basically affects   almost impossible task in practice, but can be mastered
            not  only  the  immediate  use  of  an  offered  medium,  but   with  experience  and  the  consideration  of  relevant
            also  the  brand  perception  and  recommendation  by  the   categories.
            customer, and consequently sales and profits.
                                                                 Impeccable websites
            In  a  nutshell,  the  user  experience  is  defined  by  the
            perception and response of a person resulting from the   Not only the technology of websites is becoming more
            use  or  expected  use  of  a  product,  influenced  by  the   and more complex and demanding, but the demands of
            design, functionality and features of a product or service.   the users as well. Thus, it must always be ensured that
            This  includes  not  only  the  technical  benefits,  but  also   correct  data  is  displayed  -  regardless  of  the  user's
            emotions,  psychological  and  physiological  responses,   device.

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