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       products change frequently (4-5% daily) due to stock or   The  speed  with  which  consumers  are  adopting  smart
       delivery speed issues.                              speakers  will  translate  into  a  number  of  opportunities
                                                           (and challenges) for traditional retailers and consumer
       Ensuring  that  products  are  easy  to  find  is  in  general   products companies."
       critical,  as  69%  of  customers  know  the  exact  product
       they  wish  to  buy.  Hence,  tailoring  search  terms  to   “Businesses  must  think  hard  about  how  their  brand
       insure  distinctiveness  (e.g.,  "sensitive  toothpaste")   integrates  with  different  voice  assistant  providers’
       increases the chances that a product will be found.   strengths and how to build customer trust in  voice, to
                                                           maximize  their  success  and  improve  the  bottom  line”,
       “Voice commerce represents the next major disruption
                                                           OC&C emphasizes. ◊
       in  the  retail  industry,  and  just  as  e-commerce  and
       mobile  commerce  changed  the  retail  landscape,                                    By MediaBUZZ
       shopping  through  smart  speaker  promises  to  do  the
       same”,  John  Franklin,  Associate  Partner,  OC&C

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