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             AI makes search engine advertising

             simply better

            Supposedly,  Google  started  the  trend  of  using  Artificial  machines to process and use this data and data-driven
            Intelligence (AI) in 2015 using it to optimize its algorithm  marketing  promises  of  knowing  the  perfect  timing  for
            and RankBrain. Today, digital marketers are making use  spreading  advertisement.  And  since  algorithms  can
            of  AI  to  make  their  life  a  lot  easier,  with  a  focus  on  generate  content  that  is  precisely  tailored  to  the
            process  automation  and  personalized  search  results.  respective  target  person,  the  data-driven  marketing
            Marketing  dazzling  AI  pullulates  in  the  industry  since  dream  is  about  confronting  the  right  person  with  the
            then since the potentials are simply breath-taking.   right ad at the right time.

            In  terms  of  search  engine  advertising,  Google  already   Data: The gold of the digital world
            offers  many  features  that  include  automation  and
            machine  learning,  but  how  much  is  AI  really  changing   It  all  starts  with  the  collection  and  evaluation  of  user
            marketing?  Well,  let  me  anticipate  that  AI  makes  the   information  since  data  is  the  central  asset  of  digital
            search result better, but human account managers by no   advertising. Google is one of the players who benefits
            means expendable.                                    the  most  with  its  huge  data  pool.  The  search  engine
                                                                 giant has undoubtedly more user information than any
            The dream of customized advertising                  other  player  on  the  market  and  with  the  help  of  AI
                                                                 manages  to  understand  the  consumer  needs  at  its
            The  triumphant  advance  of  intelligent  systems  is
            unstoppable  and  promises  scenarios  that  marketers   deepest level. Evolution in the world of digital marketing
            have  hardly  dared  to  dream  of:  a  tailor-made  and  thus   will be driven by data research and tools like machine
            perfect  customer  approach,  based  on  a  wealth  of   learning, since digital marketers realized that each data
            information.  These  data  include  socio-demographic   input can bring change. Just keep in mind that Google
            information such as gender or age, interests, day of the   considers "exclusive signals" such as information about
            week  and  time  of  day,  behavior  on  a  website,  browser   the user's operating system, browser, language setting
            and  device  information,  and  geographic  references.  All   and  of  course  the  search  query  itself,  to  optimize  the
            this  information  is  used  anonymously  to  calculate  the   advertising  impact  and  to  stand  out  from  the
            likelihood of success of the advertising.            competition.
            This  development  towards  user-centered  marketing  is   Machine Learning in Google Ads
            driven  by  the  fact  that  there  is  more  and  more  data   In its core business, search engine advertising, Google
            available for processing. At the same time, advances in   already  offers  several  technologies  that  use  machine
            artificial  intelligence  are  making  it  constantly  easier  for
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