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Marketing Analytics

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Digital Darwinism: Survival of the most adaptable Get clever with mobile marketing analytics 22
to change 4
Unified Inbox smart sorting algorithm gives
SAP Analytics helped Germany win the 2014 users better control of their inboxes 25
World Cup, so when is your turn to get your
trophy? 6 DataMentors’ Marketing Dashboard solution
for real-time KPI reporting 26
The heat is on when it comes to measuring and
analyzing marketing data for strategic decision
making 11
Companies & Campaigns
Facebook "Likes" among the most common
social content effectiveness measurements 12 Invigorating Marketing Analytics with Adobe’s
Cloud Services 28
7 connected user trends to watch out for 14
Taking advantage of tomorrow’s business
opportunities - today 30
‘CMO Compensation Report’ provides insights
on top earners 16
Ernst & Young unifies analytics capabilities
into Global Analytics Center of Excellence 32

Best Practices & Strategies Spikes Asia 2014 expands talent and training

opportunities with new academies and
Marketing analytics are indispensable for better competitions 34
management and performance 18
The conversion rate is the real deal for effective
email marketing 19
Data usage: Which types of analysis are actually
data protection compliant? 36
Lead, don’t follow is the key to success 20

Singapore Food Festival 2014 - Stir up the
perfect cocktail for successful retail marketing 21 BUZZword
Progressive profiling gathers momentum 38

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