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Dear Reader,

We know how important it is to keep track of our blood pressure, body weight, etc. in order to
avoid major health risks, but what about our business? Do you deploy monitoring procedures
here as well to test the effectiveness and efficiency of your sales and marketing campaigns?

To compete in today's globally-integrated economy, a comprehensive understanding of mar-
kets, customers, different country legislations, competitors, suppliers, employees and many,
many more influencing factors is absolutely essential. Consequently, organizations are in-
creasingly basing their business cases on the benefits that can be derived from Big Data.

Therefore, stop working blindly as it is simply irresponsible, especially since the time when
marketing budgets have been solely determined by cost factors and not by sales success
and efficiency are long, long gone.

Find answers to the questions above and more in this week's issue of Asian eMarketing and
let me remind you to lead with technology instead of following behind, as the heat is on when
it comes to measuring and analyzing marketing data for strategic decision making.

Stay tuned on all things digital!

Best wishes,
Daniela La Marca
Editor-in-Chief, Asian eMarketing

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