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Email Marketing

Research, Analysis & Trends SAP: Engage your audiences intelligently
by delivering personalized and meaningful

Report on the online buying power of female experiences in real-time 24
consumers in Asia 4
PwC: Significant “media gap” exists Companies & Campaigns
in Singapore 6
Each screen is different, thus, use responsive
Automation gains momentum in external and design for your emails 26
internal email communications 8
Both email marketing and apps must be part
of an integrated marketing mix 28
Best Practices & Strategies Council of Anti-Phishing Japan launches
Email best practices and its significance today 10

Practical tips for email marketing beginners 12
How to optimize emails for smartphones 14
Legal traps in email marketing 32
Helpful tips for click-intensive email campaigns 15

Choosing the right image formats for marketing BUZZword
emails 16
DMARC - Domain-based Message
Avoid email delivery errors 20 Authentication, Reporting and Conformance 33

Imprint 34
Technologies & Products

The Internet of Things (IoT) will become a
‘big thing’ only next year 22

Marketo advocates marketing automation for
engaging emails 23

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