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Conclusion: As i-Scoop explained it to the point experiences. Nobody agrees any-
It's all about the right mix on their website: “Content market- way. This is partially because peo-
ing is not a holy grail, it’s a popular ple with different backgrounds all
Dismissing the content trend as a term for a way of working with con- look at content marketing from their
mere flash in the pan, would be tent to do better. Focus on your own perspective and individual
fatal. In fact, many marketing ex- customers and overall marketing. goals: branding, acquisition, reten-
perts will have to rethink what they As a marketer you want to know tion, SEO, demand generation, me-
are doing as there is a lot of talk what works and what your custom- dia strategies, etc. Content is es-
about integrated communications ers need, not the little debates over sential, no matter what. A good
and multi-channel marketing, but definitions. Your customers don’t content marketing strategy is really
many companies still don’t do that care about your content marketing a mix of different tactics and strate-
consistently, despite the fact that a definition, nor will your CEO. No gies, aligned with the buyer journey
sophisticated content marketing one is even forced to like or use the and overall marketing strategy.” ◊
concept could be the significant term, all that matters are good mar-
advantage over competitors today. keting practices and great customer By Daniela La Marca

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