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Digital marketing as a practice continues to evolve rapidly, as do the expectations and needs of
leading brands to effectively reach customers. Rather than just delivering an experience online,
brands need to extend marketing to physical spaces and connect directly with customers
across an ever-increasing number of touch points.

In the year ahead, virtual reality (VR) technology is now expected to go mainstream, since
cheap VR solutions such as Google Cardboard are affordable and suitable for mass produc-
tion. The hardware is obviously getting better, but there is still a lack of content producers who
fill the technology with life and added value for the end user.

Brands must work on a good virtual reality strategy to cope with the changed usage patterns
and to retain customers, besides considering the new marketing opportunities thanks to the In-
ternet of Things (IoT) which starts to blossom into a genuine marketing channel.
Fact is that the market could reach a volume of more than four billion US dollars by 2018, ena-
bling entirely new perspectives for both brands and customers.

So, step out of your comfort zone, embrace the change, and try to keep up with all the new
technologies than can strengthen your marketing ventures.

Enjoy reading!

Daniela La Marca
Editor-in-Chief, Asian eMarketing

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