• Dr Valdew Singh


    Centre for Technology Innovation & Commercialisation
    Nanyang Polytechnic

  • Singh_Valdew

Over 25 years of extensive industry experience in consultancy service, project development and R&D. Areas of expertise include Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM), Advanced Factory Automation, Engineering Informatics, Supply Chain Management, Enterprise Resource Management, Shopfloor Control & Monitoring, Business Process Engineering, and intellectual property management and commercialization.

Spearheaded a number of successful industry projects with MNCs and SMEs aimed at helping them to improve their business operations to be lean, cost-effective and responsive. The type of industries includes manufacturing, retail, hospitality, food & beverage, logistics, healthcare & wellness, and education & training.

Currently, Dr Valdew Singh serves as Director, Centre for Technology Innovation & Commercialization (CTIC) at Nanyang Polytechnic where he is responsible for leading technology transfer, facilitate industry project development and R&D collaboration.

He is a Chartered Engineer with IET and Engineering Council (UK), Expert Assessor for Infocomm Development Authority (Singapore), and a certified Practising Management Consultant with the Singapore Business Advisors and Consultants Council.