The email medium is still a powerful one. Every email can and should be a masterpiece to ensure you get maximum ROI. Here are some tips to help you along:

  • The subject line is critical: It’s like getting them to open the envelope.
  • Grab attention in your opening sentences to keep them reading.
  • Deliver value or your subscribers will stop wanting to hear from you.
  • Take care with layout and design to make it easily readable and professional.
  • Personalize to whatever degree you can afford.
  • Provide a click-through as the response mechanism.
  • Carefully tailor the landing page (the page they hit after clicking).
  • Test and measure, test and measure, test and measure as a life style.

Direct response email marketing (if you are very careful to avoid looking like anything that could be construed as spam) is a powerful way to get people to your site. Email, however, is even better at getting them back to your site.

Source: Jim Sterne’s book World Wide Web Marketing