Experts estimate that at least every fourth receiver of e-mails is "inactive". This means, e-mails are not read by these recipients at all or included links are not clicked. It’s not easy to attract attention in the online environment, but here are eight best tips that can help:

  1. Send them a special offer;
  2. Let them take part in a survey to find out the reason of their inactivity;
  3. Use incentives (free reports, coupons, etc.) to let them update their profiles;
  4. Modify the transmission frequency – maybe you have “over-mailed” the inactive receiver;
  5. Look for significant common characteristics – e.g., the address source or the gender and present to this group a more suitable offer;
  6. Test other reference lines;
  7. Check if particular e-mail providers appear more often. Test then if they use specific filters by default and optimize your broadcast accordingly;
  8. Keep the list of inactive e-mail recipients updated and continually take out those who have reacted again.