9actixActix, an award winning pioneer of software that enables mobile operators to run more effective networks, has successfully established one of the largest call trace geo-location solutions in the world for a major Asia-Pacific mobile operator.

Actix’s solution captures every call from every subscriber across the operator’s entire national network. Actix is geo-locating more than 20 million subscribers, and analyzing more than 150 million call and data sessions and billions of messages every day for the operator.

This is achieved using ActixOne, a highly scalable, real-time, multi-vendor and multi-technology platform which delivers rich subscriber and network analytics and optimization. With ActixOne, the operator now has all the necessary management tools to quickly and effectively locate, visualize and analyze its subscriber activity on the network.

The operator is using these insights to increase the effectiveness of critical operational activities. The starting point is to troubleshoot, diagnose and resolve customer experience within the Radio Access Network (RAN), the increasingly complex infrastructure between the subscriber’s handset and the rest of the operator’s network.

Neil Coleman, Director of Global Marketing, Actix, says: “Understanding subscriber experience is a pivotal challenge for the operator. Geo-located real-time subscriber data is no longer a specialized activity for just network optimization; only through accurate interpretation of data, delivered on a national scale, can true insight be gained by the operator to ensure coverage and capacity are provided where they are needed most, delivering the most effective subscriber experience.”

Using data with real-time customer experience analysis from ActixOne, the operator is now able to transition towards a customer centric, self-optimizing network (SON) which will help drive further efficiencies and provide incremental improvements to its customers.

With more than 20 years of experience as a technology leader in the field of RAN analytics, optimization and SON, Actix works, so far,  with operators in more than 100 countries world-wide. (Source: www.actix.com)

By MediaBUZZ