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       Demarcation to content marketing                    What can be expected?

       While content marketing is built up of convincing con-  Still, it is predicted that almost half of all advertising will
       tent to inform or entertain the audience and to create a   be made up of native advertising formats by 2020. A
       comprehensive experience for the consumer, it be-   survey by Statista predicts in addition a global advertis-
       comes obvious that consumers are nowadays more      ing budget for native ads of USD 5.7 billion by 2018,
       open to sponsored content if it is seen on the right plat-  which is well conceivable, considering that marketers
       forms where the right targeted audience can spot it.   have realized that advertising is not distributed accord-
       Well, that’s exactly where native advertising as paid   ing to the shotgun approach, but perfectly aligned along
       media tactics comes into play, namely to spread and   the interests of the consumers to achieve real success
       make it easier for consumers to find the content, help-  and, above all, user acceptance.
       ing the storyteller to a breakthrough.
                                                           The native advertising study by Seeding Alliance kind
       Understanding the similarities and differences between   of confirms that, stating that the industry agrees that
       content marketing and native advertising well, allows   native advertising is an attractive source of income for
       corporate publishers to design and position content for   publishers and advertisers thanks to its integrated
       an even more effective campaign that makes it possible   placement and scaling options, especially for mobile
       to stick out of the mass of content and information on   Internet use. However, it is also clear that a uniform
       the Internet and to participate in the conversation of the   definition and market standards are still missing, so that
       target group without interrupting it.               native advertising receives the full acceptance and trust
                                                           of the users – although many studies show that native
       Another great opportunity lies in the fusion of content   advertising has a positive effect on the credibility, the
       with data and technology, as combining these strate-  perception as an expert, the purchase intent and confi-
       gies allows marketers to scale and automate their con-  dence in a brand.
       tent. In the future, brands will make their content even
       more personalized and be able to advertise by using   It’s proven as well that users tend to click on native
       native ads based on even better and deeper insights   teasers rather than on conventional display ads - espe-
       from data.                                          cially or just because they contain a media brand in the
                                                           link. Therefore, it is expected that in the coming years
       The fact remains, however, that due to the merging of   native advertising will dominate the distribution of ad-
       content and advertising, the legal status of native ads is   vertising on mobile devices and account for more than
       not always clear and sometimes classified as surrepti-  half of the digital advertising market.
       tious. There are no industry-wide standards, so journal-
       ists, publishers and advertisers fear that readers will   Furthermore, the majority believes that an advertise-
       lose confidence in the media because of the lack of   ment label is sufficient to distinguish a native advertis-
       rules and lack of transparency. Although the publishing   ing article from editorial content, and industry-wide mar-
       industry benefits from native ads, some see it as the   ket standards, that dictate the content and formal focus
       downfall of quality journalism, harming the credibility of   of native ads, are expected to drive the development of
       publishers.                                         this advertising format. ◊         By Daniela La Marca

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