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             Are ad blockers accelerating

             native ad acceptance?

            In the simpler and less complex marketing world which   which is towards the consumers and their interests,
            we had just a few years ago, advertising was done ac-  constantly focusing on being relevant and less intrusive
            cording to the motto ‘the largest gathering of people   and annoying.
            has the greatest potential.’ It was all about reach and
            the interest of the individual fell by the wayside.   Juniper Research, for instance, predicted in one of its
                                                                 latest reports that “nearly 75% of all delivered digital
            In the big data-driven, sophisticated marketing world of   ads will use AI as a means of user targeting in 2022
            today, however, we tend to consider programmatic and   and that data sharing partnerships will enable publish-
            native advertising to serve marketing messages to the   ers to increase targeting efficiency, utilizing acquired
            right consumer in the right context, drastically avoiding   data, such as geolocation, browsing cookies, and cross
            waste coverage at the same time.                     -device identification, to provide end-users with highly
                                                                 tailored digital ads.”
            Artificial intelligence (AI) has clearly been brought to a
            completely new level with deep learning, and program-  Despite objections to perceived invasions of privacy, ad
            matic and native marketing benefit enormously of that   platforms will continue to seek innovative means of da-
            fact. Advances in the areas of user behavior, advertis-  ta collection to provide personalized online ads and get
            ing, and analytics are provided that ultimately ensure   more involved in ‘Acceptable Ad’ initiatives. And let’s be
            campaigns being processed faster and more effective-  honest, native advertising campaigns could easily be
            ly.                                                  considered deceptive from a legal point of view, as they
                                                                 are kind of misleading and cause consumers not to trig-
            Ad blockers’ impact                                  ger their innate skepticism to advertising, imbuing ad-
                                                                 vertising material with the authority normally assigned
            Still, in a time of increasing use of ad blockers, market-  to editorial content.  According to an academic article
            ers need to be much more creative to reach their target   published in 2017, for instance, only 17% of partici-
            group. Probably that’s why all current marketing trends,   pants could identify native advertising and even if read-
            including native advertising, go into the same direction,   ers were primed, that number only increased to 27%.
      6            October 2017 - Programmatic & Native Advertising
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