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       sibly  reading  everything  he  could  find  on  the  single   There  are  several  opportunities:  The  next  visit  of  the
       page.  He  then  clicks  two  other  products  in  the  same   customer on a platform where you can display advertis-
       category  and  leaves  the  page.  Next,  he  calls  up  an   ing using real time bidding keeps a display of the prod-
       online price comparison page and searches for the ini-  uct  at  a  reduced  price  by  personalized  voucher  -  but
       tial product. From this, you - or rather the properly pro-  the advertising shows not only the product, but a posi-
       grammed machine – can come to the following conclu-  tive test report. Or the customer gets an email that not
       sions:                                              only promotes the headphones with a discount, but al-
                                                           so refers to one of your information pages, on which he
         The  customer  is  interested  in  the  first  product,  but   finds  information  about  what  he  must  consider  when
         especially in high-priced headphones.             buying headphones. Also possible is a list of good al-
                                                           ternative products. Of course, this email  - just like the
                                                           ad  before  -  can  be  optimized  by  further  knowledge
         The price is important to him.
                                                           about the customer.

         Either  your  price  is  too  expensive  for  him  OR  he
                                                           All  that  makes  programmatic  marketing  very  versatile
         wants to check if the shop has good offers OR he is   and goes far beyond classic re-targeting, although we
         not yet completely convinced by the product or your   probably just scratched the surface of the various  op-
                                                           tions. But customer focus, cost-saving through automa-
                                                           tion, and higher conversion rates due to a precise cus-
       You  -  or  rather  the  machine  –  know  already  that  you   tomer approach, are clear benefits that come with pro-
       are  not  the  most  favored  supplier.  How  can  program-  grammatic.◊
       matic marketing help in this case not to  lose the cus-
                                                                                          By Daniela La Marca

                                                 MediaBUZZ Pte Ltd - Independant ePublisher for Asia
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