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             Done right, programmatic marketing is

             above all one thing - precise

            The  term  "programmatic  marketing  "  was  coined   However,  ‘real-time  bidding'  (RTB)  can  only  be  taken
            around 5 years ago and behind it is an extremely cus-  over  by  machines  and  properly  done  programmatic
            tomer-oriented,  automated  form  of  marketing  with  a   marketing is above all one thing - precise. By address-
            direct approach. Looking at the customer as an individ-  ing the customers to the point, advertising can no long-
            ual is part of the future-proofed concept of addressing   er be perceived as obtrusive. Eventually, the intentions
            individuals directly and purposefully, which makes pro-  and  interests  of  the  user  are  already  disclosed.  What
            grammatic marketing cost-efficient as there is no waste   follows is not an inapt advertising, but an added value,
            coverage. A marketer must intervene only when creat-  comprising of all kinds of content. It could be an offer
            ing and evaluating the campaign.                     that  exactly  meets  the  customer's  request  or  the  an-
                                                                 swer  to  a  question  that  the  user  might  have  asked  a
            Programmatic  marketing  aims  at  the  interests  of  indi-  second ago. For being able to do all that, programmatic
            viduals,  recognizes  the  intention  of  the  user  and  dis-  marketing requires that all necessary data is available,
            plays  appropriate  content,  which  does  not  necessarily   which  explains  on  the  other  hand  why  programmatic
            seem like advertising. In fact, from a certain campaign   marketing worries data protectionists and cookie objec-
            size onwards, automation is inevitable and the playout   tors.
            is generally not planned but in real time. Nevertheless,
            the  marketer  isn’t  made  redundant  because  of  a  ma-  An example can illustrate this very clearly: A customer
            chine, since success depends mainly on a well-planned   is  looking  for  a  specific  model  of  a  high-priced  head-
            campaign and the evaluation  and interpretation of the   phone on an online shop for electronics. He found it by
            results for future projects must still be done by human   researching  exactly  for  this  model  in  the  internal
            hands.                                               search, lingered on the page for several minutes - pos-

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