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             Dear Reader,

             In the simpler and less complex marketing world  a few years back, advertising was done ac-
             cording to the motto 'the largest gathering of people has the greatest potential.' It was all about
             reach and the interest of the individual fell by the wayside. In today’s big data-driven, sophisti-

             cated marketing world, however, we tend to consider programmatic and native advertising to
             serve marketing messages to the right consumer in the right context, drastically avoiding
             waste coverage.

             Artificial intelligence (AI) has clearly been brought to a completely new level with deep learn-

             ing, and programmatic and native marketing benefit enormously of that, since advances in the
             areas of user behavior, advertising and analytics are provided that ultimately ensure cam-
             paigns being processed faster and more effectively.

             The point is that traditional digital marketing is being pushed aside and programmatic advertis-

             ing is taking up more space and more budgets, thus the entire process of media shopping and
             advertising gets automated. So, read more on programmatic and native advertising this month
             in Asian eMarketing.

             Enjoy reading!

             Daniela La Marca
             Editor-in-Chief, Asian eMarketing

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